Winter Car Care tips

Winter Car Care Tips

While the temperatures keep dropping, you might be wondering how your car is going to hold up against the harsh conditions of winter. From your tires to your engine, the cold weather presents a challenge to every part of your vehicle and can even cause those parts to fail if they are not cared for adequately. If you're wondering about oil changes, filter changes, or other forms of car maintenance, our Valvoline Express Care stations can help you! Follow these winter car care tips to ensure your travels this winter are safe.


Switch Your Regular Tires to Winter Tires

Whether your area tends to see its fair share of snow or not, winter tires are a must in colder weather - even in Arkansas. All winter tires feature a tread and composition designed to retain grip and flexibility in colder temperatures.


Battery Maintenance

When frigid temperatures take over, your battery might have some issues because of reduced cranking power. That power is half of what it is compared to summertime conditions.


Remove the plastic caps at the top of the battery and check the fluid level. Add distilled water to the battery if the fluid is low. If your batter is older than five years, and exhibiting weaknesses, replace it with a top-quality model. You can head over to a Valvoline Express Care in your area to have your battery professionally tested. Unless it's a tired battery that just needs charging, you should have it changed if there is noticeable wear-and-tear, damage, or persistent failure.  


Check Your Oil and Keep Your Fuel Tank Half-Full

Motor oil thickens when it’s cold, making your car harder to start. During winter, it’s wise to keep your gas tank at least half-full in case there's an emergency or you get stuck in the snow.  

During the colder months, it’s recommended that you use multi-viscosity oil that has a ‘W’ in the viscosity index confirming it’s fit for winter use. Formulas such as 5W-20, 5W-30, and 10W-30 provide good oil flow at low temperatures. Whenever you have oil changes, you should also consider replacing the oil filter to ensure the best possible flow.


Protect or Replace Your Wipers

When you park your car during winter, raise your wipers to prevent them from freezing on the windshield. Never use the wiper blades to remove snow, ice, or frost as you can damage them. Use an ice scraper instead.

In truth, you should replace your wiper blades on a regular basis as they start to lose their effectiveness after six months. You can clean the blade's rubber edge every now and again, but this isn't sustainable throughout the winter. New blades are easy to install, and Valvoline Express Care can help you replace them or carry out any other car maintenance changes you require.


Car maintenance is essential year-round, and winter car care includes oil changes, windshield wiper blade replacements, switching to winter tires, filter changes, and checking your battery's effectiveness. Trust our car care professionals to take care of your car at an Arkansas Valvoline Express Care Location.


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